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History Careers List: A Guide To Careers In History

What is it that former president George W. Bush, comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen, and journalist Louis Theroux have in common? Well, if it weren’t for the context of the page, you’d probably never guess that they all have history …

Top Jobs In History Majors: Here Is What You Can Do

Are you always enthusiastic about learning about the past? You might have had the idea of pursuing a history major but let off the idea just because you were worried that you would not secure a job after graduation. Many …

Masters In Theology: An In-Depth Guide

There aren’t a lot of people who grow up with the intentions of studying theology. This is a subject matter that only a few people tend to be passionate enough about to devote their after high school-years to studying. There …

History Of Immigration In The U.S.

A lot of students who earn a history degree choose to laser-focus their studies on immigration. There are numerous interesting reasons to study history, especially since you can find a range of topics that align with your interests. For now, …

The Most Influential Women Of The Past Century

There are tons of reasons to study history. As we learn from the past, we can build a better future. Women have definitely been incredibly influential over the past century. These women have helped shape the world into a better …

The Worst Tyrants Of The 20th Century

Looking for reasons to study history? If so, you don’t have to look very far. You can study any aspect of history that aligns with your interests. There have been numerous tyrants of the 20th century. These oppressors have led …

History Of The New Year’s Celebration

Have you ever wondered how exactly the New Year’s celebration came about? Think about it. It’s a holiday that billions of people celebrate every year, with a large percentage of these people using this time to make resolutions that will …

Ancient Vs. Modern Medicine: How The Time Have Changed

We have come so far over the years in regards to medicines and medical practices. Did you know in ancient history that holes were drilled into the skull to treat headaches? It was believed that drilling these holes — commonly …

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History Careers List: A Guide To Careers In History