We have come so far over the years in regards to medicines and medical practices. Did you know in ancient history that holes were drilled into the skull to treat headaches? It was believed that drilling these holes — commonly referred to as trepanation — would release ‘evil spirits’ from the body, thus causing relief from headaches. Nowadays, though, there are a variety of medications that are used to treat headaches and migraines. I’d much rather pop a pill to get rid of a headache than having holes drilled into my head. How about you?

It was also in ancient history that warts were treated with slime from a snail. And while the slime was believed to help get rid of warts, it was the actual killing process of the snail that was believed to make warts disappear. Today, just a swab of salicylic acid over the wart can help get rid of it. No snail-killing involved.

Check out this fun infographic to learn more about the differences in ancient and modern healthcare practices.

Click image to see a larger version.

ancient medicine vs. modern medicine

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