As an avid reader of history books, manuscripts, and other forms of literature, it should come as no surprise that a degree in history is a great career move to make. With this type of credential, there are multiple career paths for you to follow, including that of an attorney, archivist, librarian, historical writer, and many more. There are even career paths for history majors that most people don’t normally think of, like financial planning and PR management.

History, because it studies the facts of the past, can be used in just about any industry. To ensure you are getting the most out of your studies, you should do your best to expand your knowledge as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping up with today’s best history blogs.

Let’s take a look at some of these blogs.

Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide to the Eighteenth Century

Sure, the title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this blog delivers an exceptional playful perspective on the happenings that took place within the upper-class world of the eighteenth century. If you have a preference for historical fashion, then this is definitely a blog that you will want to follow. You will learn about much more than fashion; you’ll learn what it was like to be a lady when Louis XVI was in control.

Ancient Foods

If you are an Epicurious traveler, then Ancient Foods is a blog that you are going to love. It focuses on the history of food and drink, dating all the way back to the days when bones were used as utensils. You will also learn about the manner of food preparation and the old dining customs of those who lived in the ancient days. If you have a passion for archaeology, then Ancient Foods is the perfect blog for you.

Two Nerdy History Girls

Loretta and Susan are just two nerdy history girls who love anything and everything about history. Their passion for this field of study inspired them to start the blog and they have found a crowd of people who enjoy the content they offer. Their love for the literature and historical facts has bloomed into a fascinating blog, delivering readers with interesting snippets of history.

Women of History

Over the years it has become obvious that women were neglected when it came to writing history. In an attempt to rectify this problem, the Women of History blog focuses on content that ranges in topic, including historical events, feminine customs, and attitude changes throughout history.

Crash Course

If you want to learn about history through video, this is the blog for you. Offering thousands of videos for you to watch, you will gain a thorough and fascinating knowledge of US and World History. Best of all, the videos are featured on YouTube in 15-minute vlogs, with each of them being narrated by John Green.

The Fairytale Traveler

If you have a passion for history and the supernatural, you will definitely want to check out The Fairytale Traveler blog. From New Orlean’s Voodoo history to the history behind moonshine making in the Smoky Mountains, there is a little something for everyone who loves supernatural activity and history.

Frog in a Well

With a love for East Asian history, you are going to love the Frog in a Well blog. Featuring a collection of blogs focusing on a mixture of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese history, the regular contributors are well known for delivering exquisite content. Many of these contributors are scholars from the University of Hawaii and Harvard.

Ancient Tides

If you are one of those people who believes history is cyclical, and that time itself may not be truly linear, then Ancient Tides is a blog you are going to want to read. Gregory LeFever with Ancient Tides uses the site to explain how he believes that by taking the time to understand the ancient past we can then gain a better understanding of ourselves.

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

This blog has nine contributors (not all of them being actual gentlemen). The content displayed on the site helps you explore modern events from a historical perspective. Some of the topics discussed on the site include historical justifications for torture and various interpretations of ‘constitutionality.’

If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History

From the practices of Aztec human sacrifices to the widely-known and infamous 1914 Christmas truce, the If It Happened Yesterday, It’s History blog expands your knowledge on famous history topics that you probably thought you knew everything about. If you are interested in learning unique and intriguing facts, then this is a blog that will tickle your fancy.

The National Museum of American History

If you’re a lover of history, then you have probably been to The National Museum of American History more than a few times. But did you know the museum even hosts its very own blog? That’s right. Now you can stay up-to-date on all things related to American History, including the latest events taking place at the museum. You’ll learn about political history, scientific history, military history, and much more. The blog usually gets at least two updates a week.

History Net

This is a blog where history comes alive, and you’ll never have to worry about a lack of postings. The History Net blog gets an average of 84 new postings each and every week, providing you with unique experiences related to all aspects of history. You’ll enjoy daily features, pictures, articles, documentaries, and much more. One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the blog is to follow it on Facebook or Twitter so that you’ll receive updates each time a new posting is made.

We the Teachers Blog

If you’re a history teacher, then this is a blog that was created specifically for you. You’ll be able to expand your teaching skills as well as your knowledge of history all at the same time. Designed by K-12 teachers, you’ll receive insightful updates relating to teaching history in the most fun and creative ways. The blog even gives you access to document-based lesson plans, including those relating to American History, the Colonial Era, and more.

American Civil War Blog

If you have any interest whatsoever in the American Civil War, then you’ll want to read through the American Civil War blog. The content is specially designed for those who come from diverse and international backgrounds, helping them to understand the truths behind the Civil War and everything that took place. In addition to reading content, you’ll also enjoy interactive exhibits and historical research. This blog receives about two new postings each week.

A Blog About History: Various History Blogs Listed by Categories

Now let’s take a look at more than a few blogs that are categorized according to their topics. Take for example you want to read through blogs relating to antique history, you can simply scroll to the section titled Antiques and learn about the various blogs that are devoted to this specific topic. (You can find links to all of the blogs listed below here)

Geographical Locations

  • Sparkletack: A podcast blog that gives you all kinds of information relating to San Francisco, including its history and current events.
  • History Rhymes: Insightful discussions on American History.
  • The Bowery Boys: This blog allows you to discover New York City from a very unique perspective.
  • US History Blog: Want to learn about US History? This is the blog for you. Lots of in-depth thought pieces on this blog from students.
  • Our Great Southern Land: For those interested in learning about the history of Australia, Our Great Southern Land is a go-to source for all kinds of fun and neat content.
  • Chicago History Cop: Specially created to teach the amateur historian, as well as those studying history, about the great past of Chicago from the viewpoint of a cop.
  • Appalachian History: Have a special interest in the Appalachian area? If so, this blog is the perfect place for finding lots of stories and quotes directly relating to the Appalachian people and their history.
  • The Virtual Dime Museum: Not only does this blog provide you fresh updates on the latest happenings in Brooklyn and New York City, but you’ll also learn about the area’s pop culture history (you’ll have to ask for permission to read this blog).


Every history lover loves reading about things related to war. Whether you’re wanting to study the Civil War, Australian War, or even the World Wars, these blogs are sure to pique your interest and have you coming back every day looking for new postings.

  • Old Virginia Blog: This blog is hosted by Richard Williams Jr and will tell you anything and everything you want to know about the Civil War.
  • World War II History Blog: Not only will you find lots of great reads on this blog, but you’ll find neat news articles and photographs relating to World War II and everything that took place.
  • Civil War History: Learn anything and everything on this blog that has to do with the Civil War. You’ll even learn about the latest findings and developments relating to the war.
  • Military History Blog: If you want to learn something about being on the battlefield, this is blog is for you. It is especially advantageous to those who have actually been on the battlefield themselves.
  • Out of Battle: This blog gives you an inside view of everything that took place with the 8th Battalion, AIF during the first World War.
  • Australian War Memorial: From animals in the war to aircraft studies to looking at actual official records, this blog covers everything to do with the Australian War.
  • Frontier Battles: From 1607 to 1815, there were many wars that took place; this blog covers those that took place for and against the American empire.


There are a large number of both history lovers and those who don’t share a passion for this field of study that are interested in genealogy, making these blogs a perfect fit for everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, there’s always something neat to learn from genealogy blogs.

  • Genea-Musings: A humorous blog created especially for those interested in genealogy.
  • Know Your Family History: Just the title of the blog outlines, this blog helps you get familiar with tips that can be used to study your family history.
  • iPentimento: If you have a special interest int he first sheriff of Clackamas County in Oregon Territory, William Livingston Homes, this blog is a must-read for you.
  • A Somerset Family History: There are a ton of interesting findings that people come across when studying their family genealogy; this blog puts a bunch of those findings in one spot for you to enjoy.


If you want an academic perspective of history, then you’ll definitely want to read through these blogs. Not only are they great for teachers and students, but they are also ideal for anyone and everyone who wants to learn neat things about history and how the world and society have come to be the way they are.

  • The Bell Rang: This blog is devoted to education and how it has evolved throughout history. You’ll learn about educational transformations in different countries as well as changes that have taken place right here in America (this is another one you will need to gain permission to read).
  • History is Elementary: If you’re an elementary history teacher, this is a must-read for you. The blog is written from the perspective of a elementary school teacher and outlines all types of things related to teaching young children about their past and the past of society as a whole.
  • wig-wags: For a more advanced level of learning of history, this blog comes from the perspective of a military history graduate.
  • Clio and Me: As both a researcher of war and a successful teacher of European history, this blog dives deep into the world of Germany’s past and has a lot to teach you. Take your time while reading because you will find that each sentence is packed with something interesting.


If you’re a woman, then all of these blogs are going to be of interest to you. But even if you’re a man, there is still a lot to learn. The blogs listed below provide great detail regarding female figures in history as well as insightful information regarding women in general.

  • Scandalous Women: If there ever was a scandalous woman who made a name for herself, there’s a good chance you’ll learn about her on this blog.
  • Women of History: Cram-packed with biographies from a plethora of women throughout history, you’re going to learn a lot about female historical figures, including their backgrounds, what they accomplished, and how they shaped society as a whole.
  • Famiss: This blog highlights women and their study of history.
  • History of American Women: Want to learn a thing or two about women in America? If so, this blog goes all the way back to the female society in America’s earliest colonies and dates right back up to today.
  • The Intrepid Band: This blog is sure to be of interest to anyone working in the medical field, especially those employed as female military nurses.
  • History and Women: This is another blog that highlights women who have greatly influenced society throughout history.


Do you have a certain someone you want to learn more about, like Abraham Lincoln? If they were famous or notable, there’s a good chance they are featured on one of the blogs below.

  • The Abraham Lincoln Blog: If it has to do with Abraham Lincoln, you are sure to read about it on this blog. From his life to his legacy, there are all kinds of neat facts to learn.
  • Tattered Fabric: Fall River’s Lizzie Borden: If you have an interest in Lizzie Borden, including her life and any of the many crimes she committed, then you’ll definitely want to check out this blog.
  • American President’s Blog: Just as the title implies, this blog covers everything to do with American presidents. It also touches quite frequently First Ladies.
  • What Would Lincoln Do?: This is another blog devoted to Abraham Lincoln, except this one comes with a unique twist; its content outlines how Lincoln would react to today’s world news.

Odd and Interesting Things to Do With History

Have you ever read something to do with history and thought to yourself “wow, that’s really neat.” Or, “how did I now know that?” If you like being awed by things that took place in history, then you’ll greatly enjoy these blogs below; they all have to do with neat and odd and interesting things to do with history. You’ll probably even finding yourself telling your friends all about the things you learned while reading through these blogs.

  • Executed Today: This blog goes back into the depths of history by detailing who on the specific day you are reading on was executed. You’ll learn about the person’s crimes, why they were executed, and whether or not it was actually believed they were innocent or guilty. If you have an interest in the execution system of the world, then this is a must-read blog.
  • So Soon No More: If you have a thing for alternate history, this is a blog for you. Filled with lots of sarcastic humor, you’ll find yourself chuckling more than a few times as you read through all of the blog’s content.
  • Questionable History: There are more than a few things that have happened throughout history that are questionable; this blog highlights lots of interesting facts and details things in history that are questionable.
  • Damn Interesting: If it’s interesting and has to do with history, it’s probably outlined somewhere on this blog.

General History

Sometimes, you just want to learn general things about history. If so, then this is the section for you. From blogs relating to the Olympics to Indian History, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

Teachers of history will especially benefit from the blogs below because they are cram-packed of neat stuff to use for teaching students. Whether it be teaching history to first graders or teaching at a college, there is much to be learned about history, especially from a general viewpoint, and these blogs below highlight a lot of good-to-know information.

  • The History Tavern: Looking for interesting stories from the past? If so, check out this blog.
  • You’re History: From entertainment to world-wide events, this blog is very general and broad in nature and covers a large range of topics relating to history.
  • 101 Greatest Olympic Moments: If it has to do with the Olympics, you’re probably going to read about it on this blog. The content is ideal for anyone interested in sports.
  • Informed Comment: Want to learn about the history of the Middle East? This blog is for you.
  • The People History Blog: This blog goes back a year at a time and highlights each year’s top news.
  • His-Story: This is another blog that details some of the most important events and history of the world, with a large emphasis placed on Indian History.


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