When it comes to stepping stones for your career, you can’t go wrong with a degree in history. From libraries to museums, galleries, and academic institutions, a degree in history widens your career opportunities, allowing you to work in just about any field of your choice. Why is a history degree so advantageous? Well, for starters, history plays a pivotal role not only in our current happenings but it also helps predict the future. More importantly, we can use history to shape our future for the better.

If you are considering earning a degree in history, you will find it comforting to know this type of credential can help you secure a stable career. Let’s take a quick look at several benefits of earning this type of degree and the different career paths it can lead you down.

Sharpen Your Thinking and Writing Skills

As you complete your studies to earn a degree in history, you will spend much of your time devoted toward critical thinking and writing. And while writing might seem like an easy skill to possess, the truth is that very few people are really good at writing. History majors on the other hand, though, tend to possess first-class writing skills because they spend much of their time writing when completing their courses for a history degree. And not only do they spend time writing, but they also study the language and style of other writers, which gives them an even deeper understanding of culture and history.

Interact with Society

A large portion of today’s jobs are performed virtually, meaning a computer can do them. What computers can’t do, though, is study history. Sure, data can be put into a system and relevant trends can be recognized, but the true study of history comes only through the mind of a human being. With a degree in history, you have an advantage over people who rely on computers to do their work for them.

You can Go Into Marketing

As you study history, you will essentially be studying humanities, including how and why people interact with each other the way they do. So whether your major is in history itself or in literature, you will gain a broad and in-depth sense of knowledge relating to people, the languages they use and the actions they perform. All of this can translate into a valuable asset that can be used to secure a job within the marketing industry.

Your Skills Matter the Most

In years past a GPA and degree were the most important things looked at by an employer. Nowadays, though, the skills you possess are far more important than your credentials. Employers want to know that not only have you studied the field in which you want to find employment but that you have the skills it takes to bring something valuable to the table. Something that very few other people can bring. As a history major, you will possess a variety of skills, including written and oral communication capabilities, research skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and more.

Careers for Those with a Degree in History

It is highly suggested that you land some type of internship while you are earning a degree in history. The sooner you can get your foot in the door within the career field you are wanting to work in, the easier you will find it establish a stable career once you graduate with your credential. Here is a quick look at four careers you might want to check out as you are going to school for your degree in history.


One of the most common career paths for a history major is that of a librarian. Depending on where you work, you will likely fill a variety of roles, including managing information, curating content, hosting events for the community, and much more. As a librarian, you will make anywhere from $55k to $80k a year. The more prestigious the institution that you work at as a librarian, the higher your salary will probably be.


Although you may not enter into a degree program for history with the intention of becoming an attorney or lawyer, you should know this a career path that can lead to much job satisfaction as well as a high salary. Your ability to use facts to create content that persuades an audience of your understanding and conclusions is vital within the career as an attorney, and you will hone in on these skills as you earn your degree. You can make as much as 100k a year if you practice law, but do keep in mind that a degree in history is not sufficient to establish a career as an attorney. You will need to pass the BAR exam too.


When you go to college to earn a degree in history you probably don’t think of becoming a politician. However, after you spend a couple of years studying in your courses you will see just how interwoven politics and history truly are. As you progress in your studies, you may find that becoming a politician is what you have a passion for. If you opt to use your degree in history to become a politician, you can likely make upward of $150k a year.

Finance and Commerce

Another career path you can take with your degree in history is that of a finance or commerce specialist. Your studies will focus primarily on taking a detailed-oriented approach to solve problems, which is essential in becoming successful within the finance and commerce industries. Your strong analytical skills will help you assess obstacles before they take place, and your experience researching will give you the ability to create and implement ideas that help your employer overcome these obstacles. As a finance or commerce specialist, you can expect to make upward of $60k a year.

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