Wanting to earn a degree in history? Check out our list of great history scholarships that are hand-picked for women.

Ida B. Wells Graduate Student Fellowship

Deadline: May 15th

$1,000 awarded annually to graduates in late stages of research

To help graduate students in need, the Coordinating Council for Women in History offers its graduate members this generous scholarship. The Ida B. Wells Graduate Student Fellowship is meant to help students in the final stages of writing their dissertation on race and gender. This fellowship is not limited to history majors.

Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship Program

Deadline: January 15th

$20,000 awarded annually to unwed female doctoral students

Phi Beta Kappa accepts applications for the Mary Isabel Sibley Fellowship Program annually. Unlike most scholarships, there is no membership requirement to be considered. Applicants must be women between the ages of 25 to 35 that are unmarried. They must show competence in their research skills. The awarded must be at the end of their degree and working on their dissertation. The founder of this fellowship wanted to help women in Greek and French studies live abroad while researching their dissertation. The Fellowship alternates each year between French and Greek studies. In 2018 the fellowship will be granted to those focusing in French.

Bill of Rights Essay Scholarship Contest

Deadline: July 15th

$3,000 awarded annually to 6 female high school juniors or seniors plus a trip

This essay contest is for high school aged women. The National Foundation for Women Legislators and the National Rifle Association co fund to host the Bill of Rights Essay Scholarship Contest. Along with the award money, high school students get to travel to the NFWL’s Annual Conference where six winners will be presented an award. The essay should be about 2 pages long. This  is a great way to encourage students early to start thinking about these wonderful opportunities available to them throughout their educational career.

PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women

For deadline information, contact PEO directly

Up to $12,500 annually

PEO officially stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization, but there is some mystery surrounding the original meaning of the letters which isn’t revealed until one becomes a member of the foundation. PEO has offered The International Peace Scholarship for women since 1949. It was intended to help women from other countries come to study in the United States or Canada. Doctoral students who have started their dissertation are not eligible, nor is anyone who is less than a year away from finishing their program of study.

Rising Star Scholarship Program

Deadline: April 1st

$5,000 and $10,000 awarded annually to a 2-3 year law student

Broward County Women Layers’ Association, is a local branch of Florida Women Layers’ Association, Every year BCWLA offers second and third-year law students who exemplify a certain archetype of ultimate success. This candidate must be able to juggle effortlessly between legal studies and practice, their career, their legal community involvement, their civic involvement, and a healthy family life, specifically someone dedicated to women’s issues.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Women’s History Fellowship: Post-Doctorate and Pre-Doctorate

Deadline: January 13

$50,000 post-doctorate and $15,000 pre-doctorate

Applicants for the Mellon Women’s History Fellowship must be working full time. Whether applying for the post or pre-doctorate level, there are different requirements to meet. The post-doctorate award is for a substantially larger fund than the pre-doctorate amount. The application requirements are the same, however. Both require that the student submit a 2-3 page statement outlining their scholarly goals. They must also present a public history project that focuses on women’s history in some aspect. A curriculum vitae, grade transcripts, a 3,000-word writing sample, and three letters of recommendation.

The Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies

Deadline: October 15th

$5,000 awarded yearly to 10 graduate students

This fellowship was intended to encourage unique and noteworthy research that breaks the boundaries of culture and religion in women’s studies. Only Ph.D. Students who will complete their dissertation in the following year are eligible. Provide a clear and compelling look into your work and evidence of your commitment and interest to women’s issues, and you have a good chance to win.

AAUW American Fellowships

Deadline: August 1-November 15

$20,000 awarded yearly

The AAUW proudly supports women scholars in the midst of completing dissertations, planning research leave or preparing their research to publish. The American Fellowships program has been supporting women in this way since 1888. Women applying must be enrolled full-time, completing a dissertation, working on their postdoctoral research, or starting the process of compiling their research to publish for a period of over 8 weeks. The money is to be used for living expenses during this intense period in the student’s career.

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