There are tons of reasons to study history. As we learn from the past, we can build a better future. Women have definitely been incredibly influential over the past century. These women have helped shape the world into a better place through their dedication, effort, and knowledge. Marie Curie is one of these women, whose primary works focused on research in radioactivity and chemistry. She even won the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Elanor Roosevelt was another woman who was extremely influential during the past century, with her main areas of impact being in politics, humanitarianism, and civil rights. Roosevelt won 48 honorary degrees as well as the United Nations Human Rights Award. One of her greatest achievements was being the first person to use mass media to spread the awareness of various political and humanitarian issues.

Another lady to make the list of most influential women is Mother Teresa. Her main area of impact was humanitarianism and she was even canonized as a Catholic saint in 2016. One of her greatest accomplishments was the founding of Missionaries of Charity. This charity consists of nuns who spend their time helping the poor around various parts of the world.

Rosa Parks was so influential that she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996 as well as the Congressional Gold Medal in 1999. Her primary work was done in 1955 when she refused to surrender her bus seat to a white patron; this was a catalyst for the end of racial segregation.

Margaret Thatcher earned the Order of Merit in 1990, followed by the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1991. Her primary work was being the first female prime minister of Britain. She was also the longest-serving prime minister during the 20th century.

For a more in-depth look at women who changed history, check out this neat infographic.

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